Unforgettable Princess Birthday Parties & Princess Special Events!

Unforgettable Princess Birthday Parties & Princess Special Events!

Unforgettable Princess Birthday Parties & Princess Special Events!Unforgettable Princess Birthday Parties & Princess Special Events!

"Land & Sea" Mermaid Swim Party Package- $390


Make a splash with this once in a lifetime pool party package! For this 1.5 Hour event The Little Mermaid will arrive in human form and after a magical transformation, become a Mermaid once again so she can swim and play with your little Guppies! This is one birthday opportunity you won't want to float away!

What You'll Get:

  •  1.5 Hours of Fun and Creative Mermaid Themed Activities- We bring all the necessary supplies for land and sea entertainment needed to make your fun event even more spectacular. PLEASE NOTE- Approximately 15 minutes of your party entertainment will be led by your Mer-Helper as your Mermaid magically transforms for pool play. For this package, your Mermaid will need access to a private room for "transformation". 
  • The Little Mermaid- To make warm and joyful memories by "land and sea" with your child, your family and guests on your event day. 
  • One Mer-Helper- To ensure everything runs smoothly on your event day; allowing your character to remain 100% engaged in the birthday child and allowing you to sit back and enjoy the show. Your Mer-Helper will also entertain the children during your Mermaid's "private transformations" from legs to fin and back again AND to transport your mermaid around on her rolling rock when part fish, hehe 😉. 
  • One On-Call Performer (just in case) -To replace one of your performers if needed, because no child's birthday should start with disappointment.
  • One Party Planner- Because we want your event to be seamless and stress free for you, your event planner will help make your booking process easy-peasy. They will also make sure we have all the information we need to make your day extra special and to draft up a custom princess activities timeline for your event.
  • An estimated 6 hrs of Pre-Party Preparation- To ensure that your whole party experience from booking to event day is enjoyable and that your princess arrives looking immaculate along with a perfectly prepared party bag full of themed supplies for your customized fun!
  • FREE FairyTaled Invitation Printables- As an added thank you, we have hand designed invitation pdf's for families to print and use if they so wish. Located in our Welcome Packet upon booking confirmation and payment.
  • FREE Themed Party Tips and Inspiration Board- Located in our Welcome Packet upon booking confirmation and payment.
  • FREE Character Themed Photo Booth Prop Printables- For families to print and use if they wish. Located in our Welcome Packet upon booking confirmation and payment.
  • Royal Greetings - We prefer to set your performers to make their grand arrival 15-30 minutes after your guests to ensure all of your friends are present and to retain the "magic" of how your performers arrive.
  • Photo Opportunity Time - Capturing the memories of your little one's special day is important. Therefore, upon arrival we make sure to set aside a special moment for you to get pictures of your birthday child, their friends and family.
  • Interactive Story Time- The perfect ice breaker, our mesmerizing story times are a favorite among kids and parents alike. With hand-written and memorized scripts, the children can step into the story of their favorite princess.
  • Character Themed Sing-A-Long & Dance Lesson (By Land or Sea, You Pick)- A whimsical dance lessons to one of your characters favorite song, watch the little ones dance and sing their hearts out with their favorite princess. Too cute!
  • "Land & Sea" Character Themed Activities - Your Mermaid will arrive with a velvet satchel full of a plethora of scrolls, each featuring a specialty themed game or activity suited to your specific event needs. When preparing your game bag, we take into account the interest of the birthday child, the age of the participating children, the event space and if the event is co-ed. 
  • Character Themed Party Props - Nothing's more fun than a Mer-Helper toting a bag full of fun mermaid props that coincide with the character themed games and activities :).
  • Character Themed Item Hunt - Just like the all-time favorite Easter Egg Hunt, your mermaid will arrive with a themed hunt of her own. Thanks to your Mer-Helper, your hunt items secretly present themselves at the most perfect time.
  • Background Music For Activities -All music necessary to engage in dance lessons, games or to simply be background music will be brought and controlled by your Mer-Helper.
  • A Royal Coronation Ceremony - In this important celebration, your birthday child will be crowned a brave and true mer-princess or prince on their very special day. 
  • A Beautiful Rhinestone Tiara OR Knights Shield -Presented to the birthday child during crowning ceremony.
  • An Official Princess Or Prince Certificate For The Birthday Child -Presented to the birthday child during crowning ceremony.
  • A Special Gift For All Participating Children- A sweet pre-signed coloring sheet with your characters autograph will be given out to all participating kids- up to 30 participating children.
  • Happy Birthday Song- A princess party wouldn't be complete without a special birthday song led by your favorite storybook character. A great video moment, we must say!
  • Wishing Moments- Before departure, your princess will teach the children how to use the magic of wishing to spread love in the world. A princess classic!
  • Final Farewells- The sweetest of goodbyes. Between your child and her new best friend! 
  • Hand Written Thank You Card- To The Birthday Child From Your Character Following Your Event.

Worried About Party Favors? Let Us Take Care of That Too...




Story Books w/ Autograph Label & Bow....................$6 each

Soft Headband Crown (Gold or Silver)...................... $6 each

Sticker Sheets............................................................... $1 each

Additional Princess Certification................................ $2 each

Additional Rhinestone Tiara ...................................... $6 each